We help comprehensive visionary leaders develop through coaching and connecting.

God always has his people in the right places at the right time. Do you know there are some amazingly gifted and passionate leaders tucked away in some of the most difficult places to reach for Jesus? Can you imagine the fantastic joy of helping these leaders develop their vision and capacity to effectively fulfill that vision! It is an incredible, life-changing experience for all involved. At The CrossConnecting Network we seek to build trusting relationship with Front Line workers and Supply Line resources so that we all may join in mission of Jesus Christ.


God does not leave us to our own strategies! Jesus made it very clear to us that even He did not lean on his own strategy but that of His father. The call is to seek God’s Kingdom, his rule and reign of all of creation through the power granted to us by the righteous works of Jesus. We are ambassadors of a King who has a perfect strategy already laid out. We merely want to seek to understand His will and do it.


We do missions with an entrepreneurial mindset. We are not seeking “newness” for “newness sake” but we are looking develop things that others may not yet see. We are amazed at how God uses some of the smallest connections to do some great work. We desire to find people and ideas that we believe have great Kingdom value, develop those peoples and ideas, and then find others that can help multiply the Kingdom through their investment.


The most important asset we have to give to young leaders is time. It takes time for people and ideas to mature. Many people do not have the time to give, we do and we take the time.  We know and have seen the results of a fully incubated idea or person. The result is not merely the hatching of an idea or ministry, but an igniting fire that burns with the heart of God.