Help Churches meet safely and securely this Christmas!


The Cross Connecting Network works with several churches in Pakistan. These churches are legal entities and enjoy good relationships with local law enforcement agencies. They are intentional in obeying and submitting to their government officials and laws and want to be good witnesses of the goodness of Jesus to these authorities.

To best protect churches and individuals from lawless attacks or harassment, the government requires each church to provide its own adequate security. Done properly, this greatly increases the effectiveness of the local law enforcement officials. Our desire is to help these churches to be light and salt in their communities by meeting the government requirements.

Unfortunately, the security requirements are expensive. Each church is required to have multiple security cameras with recording storage,  a proper boundary wall (complete with barbed wire), and armed guard at all services. In addition, we have schools educating over 600 students associated with two of our churches that need to have armed security every day. 

Depending on the church, the cost of the surveillance equipment and the arming of a guard is between $500- $800.

Our desire is to supply security for 10 churches for this Christmas.

Will you help?