Financial Information

Non-profit status.

The Cross Connecting Network, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) not for profit organization As such, gifts made to our ministry are generally tax deductible, but if you have a question of deductibility we encourage you to consult  a tax advisor.

How we use the money you give.

Our desire is always to use the money you give to us as effectively as possible.We spend your money as carefully as we would our own.  Our desire to build support networks for churches, ministries, and organization that are doing exceptionally good work in difficult places. We want to do as much as possible to help them. We promise you to spend the money you give us in the most helpful way.

That being said, there are overhead cost that need to be paid. Depending on the particular project or partner, The Cross Connecting Netwok uses a portion of the donations to cover its own costs. We also appreciate those friends who support the general overhead of the ministry. It allows us to pass more of the designated gifts to the specific projects and partners. 


It a big word! 

As a new ministry and non -profit, you will not find us in Charity Navigator or the other charity rating organizations. We will get there. We promise. But, for now we ask you to trust us and talk with us. We appreciate any questions you may have and we welcome your comments and counsel.  We are connectors and relationship builders. Without trust, we cannot serve.