We understand that you need to know who we are: our values, our mission, our experiences, our accountability and credibility. We gladly and openly share with you any thing you need to know. But, more than anything we love to tell the stories of what God is doing through some  amazingly brave and gifted people in places you would never imagine; for it is God’s work and these stories that are continually shaping  the “US”.  Our desire is that when we talk “About Us” that we do so as the body of Jesus Christ who has been called to intentionally and intensely love God and love our neighbors.

The Cross Connecting Network was started by Jerry and Sharon Miner in 2011. In 2007,  the Miner’s left their familiar surroundings and comfort zone to work with Water Missions International in Charleston, South Carolina. There they were able to add to their many years of experience in business, church, and family new experiences in the world of non-profits and cross cultural missions. It has been a steep learning curve, but the enjoyment of being involved with God and his people has been worth every bit of effort.

By design The Cross Connecting Network is just that – a network and not an organization.

We want to effectively and efficiently use existing resources seeking and building collaborative relationships and networks where possible. If these resources are not available, we prayerfully wait for God to move or begin the development on our own when it is appropriate.

Much of the work accomplished thus far has been the work of a handful of people. It seemed wise to watch, wait, and work as much as possible until it was clearly evident that Jesus was leading.

But now we have a much better picture of what God is doing and believe it is time to begin to share the opportunities with others to join in God’s work.


As a Christian organization, The Cross Connecting Network holds commonly shared values of the Christian faith and stands on the basic tenets believed by many sound evangelical Christian churches and organizations as expressed in the covenants and creeds of the historic Church. As a network we  work with people of differing doctrinal positions, as well as those who do not claim any religious affiliation, and even some who may oppose our Christian beliefs. These relationships are core to meet our objective of bringing people together to work out the  issues of life where Christ can clearly be seen and heard through the loving voice and actions of those who follow Jesus. 

In addition, there are certain truths and attitudes which especially valuable to us and keep us focused on our particular work within the body of Christ. These values are part of our DNA and how we do life. If you could only have listened into the conversation above you would have seen them working out our every day life.



We believe everything connects to and through the Cross and believe that the term “body of Christ” is far more than a metaphor, but the reality of the Church in this world. Regardless how fragmented our world is we were meant to be connected to God and to each other.


We believe that Jesus is the King and as so, he has his own agenda for how things are to be run. We want to do all that we can to hear His voice in loving obedience live lives that accomplish His agenda and not simply our own. As part of seeking the Kingdom we earnestly pray and ask others to invest in praying for work that God is doing.


It is difficult to work with those you do not know or understand. This is especially true when the work the God has called one to do causes us to cross cultural boundaries.


Time is our most precious resources. Building relationships takes time. Understanding other cultures takes time.  And, waiting on God takes time. Perhaps one of the most valuable resources we offer our donors and ministry partners is time. We are committed to invest the time to see God work. 


Closely related to our value of connectedness is our value of interdependency. Today there is a great deal of emphasis on “sustainability” . There is a valid concern to avoid creating traps where one party is dependent upon the other in such as way to cause them to become inappropriately dependent. While echoing this concern, we simply work to share life with the rest of the body of Christ and we simply cannot do it unless we are all dependent on our Father and each other.


We have the great privilege of presenting  significant eternal investments to those whom God has blessed with resources. We have invested the time in prayer,  relationships of trust and worked to understand the “ground realities” enabling us present the most accurate picture of the work and opportunities to join God in His work.